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Flat Roofs
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ELC Roofing Group > Flat Roofs

Flat Roof Repairs & Emergencies

What we offer you is various types of repairs, ensuring maximum quality, reliability & performance in Braintree, Colchester and Chelmsford.

We pride ourselves on quick and efficient repairs to give our customers the best results fast.

Here are some of the costs for repairs and guttering:

  • Roof repair lasting 1day- around £150 to £200+
  • Roof repair lasting 1 day or more- around £300+ however, there is an additional cost of materials at trade prices to the customer
  • Small roof repairs- for example; disconnected guttering small repairs cost around £50+ depending on what needs to be done.
  • Guttering; £30-50 depending on the scale of the problem

Here are some example prices

25-year guarantee on all new flat roofs

  • Typical detached house = £8,000+
  • 3 bed semi-detached = £6,000+
  • Felt roofing cost= around £40+ per square metre and additional cost of £40+ per board
  • Fiberglass Bay roof = £250-£500+ depending on size and complication with the option of stripping and insulating the bay roof cavity between the ceiling for an additional cost of £50+
  • Lead bay roof = £300 + the lead costs at current milled lead prices
  • Zinc/copper roof cost estimate = £9,500+ this may vary depending on the scale of the job

Flat Roof Materials

  • Rubber roofing: Very flexible, all weatherproof, durable, good lifespan, cheap to maintain, and cost-effective
  • GRP roofing: It’s durable, lightweight, minimal corrosion, cost-effective, great for smaller projects
  • Single-ply membrane: Fairly simple to install, flexible, very lightweight, all weatherproof, and very popular material for new flat roofs.
  • Fibreglass: Lifespan, Cost, Damage resistance and repairability, Appearance, Flexibility.
  • Zinc: Versatility, aesthetically pleasing, durable, and extremely long-lasting
  • Felt/asphalt: Cost-effective, works well within its lifespan
  • Copper: Versatility, aesthetically pleasing, durable, and extremely long-lasting

If you need any further assistance then call us on 07956 677 678.

New Flat Roof Construction

What we do for you:

We offer all our customers a 25-year guarantee on all new fitted flat roofs and up to 15% off with your first ever order.

There is no job that is too small or too big we can work on any roof in any situation, so if you’re wanting any of our roofing services and have any queries give us a call on 07956 677 678 or email us at

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